Mitesil™ Sulfur Cream
National Drug Code information- NDC #70716-1910

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Soothing relief. Mitesil is a product trademark, natural blend of nourishing essential oils blended in a micronized colloidal sulfur emulsion base that brings quick relief.

Braunfels Labs advanced machinery and proprietary processes blend ingredients at just the right stage temperatures and pressures. Optimizes efficacy and provides you with the world's finest sulfur cream.

Made by Braunfels Labs, in the central Texas hill country, using the Danish Rasenen recipe in traditional soft cream base. The Mitesil™ blend acts quickly to soothe and moisturize.

Finest quality. Find it on the Amazon marketplace, and on store shelves at select retail establishments.

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Our sulfur soaps, cremes, ointments and certified essential oils are truly the finest in the world using premium ingredients, scientific formulations and advanced processes. We manufacture our signature Sulfur Butter™ Sulfur Creme 'n Ointment , Scabisil™ Topical Moisturizer Ointment, Mitesil™ Sulfur Cream, Sulfur Suds™ traditional sulfur soap, and also our proprietary SAL3™ soap cleansing bar. Our cleansing bar soap products are distributed to patients by dermatologists throughout the U.S.A.. Now through, our customers can enjoy great pricing and the convenience of having home delivery! Many of our products are available through Amazon Prime service.

We are located in Central Texas, where we ship promptly - Monday through Saturday - to dermatologists, pharmacies, and directly to our loyal customers worldwide.

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